December 2016 Giveaway

Find out more about this months prize winner
Every month we will find out a little more about our Facebook giveaway winners by asking them a few questions about themselves and how they will make use of the prizes they win.

December's giveaway was for a relaxing massage at Bryn Meadows Golf Hotel & Spa.
Facebook users were able to enter the competition to win the tickets by liking the Hughes Jenkins Limited Facebook page and sharing the giveaway post.

The winner was randomly selected and that lucky individual was Heidi from Caerphilly. We asked her a few questions…
Heidi has won a massage at the fantastic Bryn Meadows Golf Hotel & Spa resort.
Hughes Jenkins: Congratulations on winning the massage! Will you be making use of it yourself or gifting it to a friend or family member?
Heidi: Thank you very much! I never win anything so I will definitely be making use of this myself.

Hughes Jenkins: We are glad to hear that you'll be making use of it. Have you been to Bryn Meadows before?
Heidi: I have been to Bryn Meadows before but for a very different reason. I went for a Take That tribute night with work one Christmas and had a great time. Its really lovely there.

Hughes Jenkins: It really is. So have you ever had a professional massage before?
Heidi: No I haven't. I'm a little nervous but am still looking forward to it. I have a week off soon around my daughters birthday so will look to book it for then.

Hughes Jenkins: Well we hope you enjoy it and are sure that any nerves will quickly disappear in such a relaxing setting. Have a lovely time.
Heidi: Thanks once again!

Heidi (left) receiving the hamper from Receptionist, Kelly Brown.

Congratulations Heidi!

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