October 2016 Giveaway

Find out more about this months prize winner
Every month we will find out a little more about our Facebook giveaway winners by asking them a few questions about themselves and how they will make use of the prizes they win.

October's giveaway was for Sunday Lunch for four at Llechwen Hall.
Facebook users were able to enter the competition to win the tickets by liking the Hughes Jenkins Limited Facebook page and sharing the giveaway post.

The winner was randomly selected and that lucky individual was David from Cwmdare. We asked him a few questions…
David has won a meal for four at the fantastic Llechwen Hall Hotel & Restaurant.
Hughes Jenkins: Congratulations on winning the meal and finally being able to pickup your prize! Its been a busy few months I take it?
David: Yes it has! Work has been very busy, which is great but its meant I've not been able to come and pick this up. Now I have we'll be looking to take advantage and have our meal soon.

Hughes Jenkins: What is it you do?
David: I own and run a local loft conversion company, Magic Lofts.

Hughes Jenkins: Fantastic. So, back to your prize...who will you be looking to take with you?
David: I think it will have to be the wife and my two sons.

Hughes Jenkins: A nice lunch out for the family then. What would you normally do for a Sunday dinner?
David: Well my youngest son is 18 months old so at the moment it depends how manic things are in the house as to if we have one!

Hughes Jenkins: Well at least with this voucher you won't have to do the cooking and can just enjoy the food. Have you been to Llechwen Hall before?
David: Yes, I've been there for a meal before. It was really nice which is why I was really happy to win this and be able to go back. Hughes Jenkins: Well we are sure you'll have a lovely time again. We hope you all have a lovely time there!

David with his voucher for the meal at Llechwen Hall.

Congratulations David!

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