July 2016 Giveaway

Find out more about this months prize winner
Every month we will find out a little more about our Facebook giveaway winners by asking them a few questions about themselves and how they will make use of the prizes they win.

July's giveaway was for two tickets to the Wales v Argentina rugby match in November 2016.
Facebook users were able to enter the competition to win the tickets by liking the Hughes Jenkins Limited Facebook page and sharing the giveaway post.

The winner was randomly selected and that lucky individual was Kelly from Aberdare. We asked her a few questions…
Kelly receiving the tickets from Practice Manager, Dewi Evans.
Hughes Jenkins: Congratulations on winning the tickets! It seems a long time ago since you won but now we've had the tickets in they are all yours. First things first...will you be using the prize yourself or will you be giving it to somebody close to you as a gift?
Kelly: Thank you, it does seem a long time ago! There's a bit of a tug of war between my husband and my brother at the moment as to who comes with me, so I'm undecided who will be going at the moment. I may be kind and sit it out and let them go, I've not always been a good omen for Wales!

Hughes Jenkins: Well we're sure whoever goes will enjoy a great day. You say you're a bad omen for Welsh rugby...has this always been the case since the first game you went to?
Kelly: No, it started out well. I went with my dad to the old Arms Park back in 1995 and we beat Fiji but since then I've not brought Wales the best of luck when I've been there!

Hughes Jenkins: Well if you go then we hope you bring better luck to Wales this time around. Have you been to the stadium before?
Kelly: Yes I have. I was last there for a rugby game in 2014 when we lost to Ireland...as I said, I'm a bad omen.

Hughes Jenkins: Oh dear! Who is, or was, your favourite ever player for Wales?
Kelly: I have to say Shane Williams. Not the most uncommon of choices but he's so down to earth and seems a genuinely nice person as well as a brilliant player. I met him once at a restaurant and he came over and said hello...it must have been obvious we were fans!

Hughes Jenkins: Everybody likes Shane! What do you think the score will be at the match?
Kelly: I think it will be close...Wales didn't do very well in the summer and Argentina did well at the World Cup but I still think we will win 23-19.

Hughes Jenkins: Well we hope you are right and that whoever goes to the game has a fantastic day.
Kelly: Thanks, I'm sure it will be a brilliant day and hopefully a win for Wales!


Congratulations Kelly!

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