New Year 2017 Offer

Get a free will with this great offer!
Every year people make New Years resolutions. Some have the will power to make these last the year but most are forgotten before February (or even before). For those who made a New Years resolution to get their affairs in order (or know someone who would benefit from doing so) we wanted to help. With that in mind we are giving away a free will with every lasting power of attorney instruction in January 2017.
This is a brilliant opportunity to get two important legal documents drafted by fully qualified professionals, allowing you to have peace of mind that you have your affairs in order should the worst happen.

What is a Lasting Power of Attorney?
A Lasting Power of Attorney, commonly shortened to LPA, is a legal document that allows a person, known as the donor, to appoint one or more trusted individuals as attorneys and to grant them the power to make decisions on their behalf once mental capacity is lost.

What kind of decisions can be made?
This will depend on the type of LPA the donor executes as there are two to choose from. The first type of LPA is for Health & Welfare, which grants the attorneys power to make decisions relating to medical treatment and life sustaining care on behalf of the donor. The other type of LPA is for Property & Financial Affairs, which allows the attorneys to make decisions relating to the assets of the donor. You can have both in place at once or choose to have just one.

How much does a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) cost?
A single LPA (either Health & Welfare or Property & Financial Affairs) will cost £350 plus VAT and disbursements. A double LPA (both Health & Welfare and Property & Financial Affairs) will cost £450 plus VAT and disbursements.

In addition to the LPA you will also be receiving a free will, allowing you to specify how you wish your estate to be handled.

We regularly see clients for both wills and LPA's and are often told it is a weight off their mind once they have the final documents in their hand and know that their affairs are in order. Don't miss your chance to get the same peace of mind this January!

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