Power of Attorney Quote


A Power of Attorney allows an individual the opportunity to name one or more people as who they would like to be responsible for making important decisions should the individual themselves become incapable to do so due to poor health or mental illness. Loved ones are often named so that an individual has peace of mind that, should an they lose mental capacity or suffer poor health to the point of being unable to make decisions, then people they trust are in charge of important decisions for them.


There are two kinds of Power of Attorney:

1. Health and Welfare

A Power of Attorney for Health and Welfare allows the nominated attorneys to make certain decisions about the treatment the individual will receive if that person is unable to make those decisions of their own accord.

2. Property and Financial Affairs

This kind of Power of Attorney allows the nominated attorneys to make decisions regarding any property owned by the individual in question, and also grants the attorneys access to the bank accounts of that person.

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