Resolution Family Law Accreditation

Read about how this accreditation can benefit you as a client of the firm.


What is this accreditation and what does it say about the firm?

Since January 2017 Director Nigel Jenkins has been a Resolution Specialist. Resolution is an organisation of over 6,500 family lawyers and professionals across Wales and England. In order to become a member you need to demonstrate you have the relevant expertise and experience in handling family law matters. Because of this the mark is seen as one of quality and a way to identify excellence in the area of family law advice, something Nigel offers all family law clients of the firm. As an organisation Resolution believe in a constructive and non-confrontational approach to family law matters, a view shared by both Nigel and the firm.

How does membership of Resolution benefit our clients?

As Nigel handles all family law matters at the firm, all of our clients are represented by a Resolution Specialist. Due to the need to demonstrate relevant expertise in order to become a Resolution Specialist, you can be safe in the knowledge that you are being represented by an expert who is actively engaged with a thriving community of family law professionals. This large community gives Nigel access to opinions and discussions on the most current family law cases in Wales and England, as well as a variety of resources that allow him, and the firm, to provide advice on more complex and unique matters.
On becoming a Resolution Specialist Nigel commented "Resolution has become synonymous with quality in family law and I'm delighted that Hughes Jenkins Solicitors are now associated with them. I look forward to continue providing the same high standard of advice that allowed us to achieve the accreditation and helping many clients along the way."
If you need assistance with any family law matters and would like to speak to Nigel, please contact us.