Social Responsibility

At Hughes Jenkins Solicitors we understand the importance and benefit of operating in a responsible manner. We believe that a commitment diversity, transparency, integrity and honesty are all key elements of our long term strategic plans of continuing to grow and develop the firm, not to mention the benefits such an approach will have on our team.

Energy and Resources

Reducing the amount of resources used and the waste produced isn't just beneficial for the environment, it aids the bottom line by saving the firm, and our clients, money. When you start to measure the amount of energy, water and other resources against what you actually need, cost savings start to become obvious.


A diverse workforce ensures that we attract the best possible talent. As a firm we do not discriminate against any individual regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion or sexual orientation. We also believe that ultimately, a diverse workforce results in a better understanding of our clients’ needs.


The firm makes an active effort to interact with, and give back to, our community. This interaction comes in various forms such as sponsorship of events, teams and clubs, informative talks at businesses and other local venues as well as charitable donations. To find out more about our work in the community, click here to read more.