Workplace Accident

While accidents at work can happen, when we go to work we should be safe in the knowledge that our employers will do all they can to protect us from injury and illness. Sadly, thousands of workers are injured in accidents at work or develop a work-related illness every year.

Injuries and illnesses at work can be caused by anything from a lack of training, to faulty equipment to exposure to dangerous chemicals and substances. If you have had an accident at work, or suffered an injury or illness as a result of your working conditions, you may be able to make a work accident compensation claim.

We have specialist teams of solicitors who are dedicated to helping people claim compensation after an accident at work or a workplace illness. Over the years we’ve helped thousands of others to claim for their injuries, so you can be sure that we have the experience needed to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Even if you are a casual worker or consider yourself to be self-employed, you may well still be considered an employee under UK law, giving you the same rights as other workers.

Please call 01495 225236 or contact us online to book a free assessment. We offer a home visit service for our clients who are unable to easily attend our office, as well as hospital visits if required.

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